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There are several ways we can help you increase sales. The main one is content, content and more content. The key is being consistent with relevant and helpful content that compels your target audience to come back time and time again. This builds your credibility as well as making you an expert in your field. This is who people buy from, someone they feel like they know and that they see as an expert.

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With our SEO knowledge and our content marketing we provide some of the key tools that have a high return on investment. These are the constants that make you and your business relevant and the go-to expert in your field of expertise. All this plus some strategic marketing will be the keys to growing a long lasting business.

Best Practices

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Think of your website like a storefront that has to appeal to passers by. The better your content(store window) the more likely they are to come in and take a look. If you don’t change that content or update it on a regular basis at some point they will get bored with the same old stuff and go to the next store. Keep your content fresh but make sure they can depend on the type and quality of content they get from you.

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We help you create your website with our premium content, we also perform an extensive site audit and keyword research, in order to optimize every website page and post to attract the attention of your key customers.

  • 93% of online experiences start with a search engine
  • 75% of online users never click past the first page of the search results
  • 33% of clicks happen on the first result

One-Stop Digital Agency

How we can help you?

Our website design and development packages offer amazingly flexible and unique customization options. Impress your customers and clients with a beautifully designed, mobile responsive website built by our website design experts. We are no longer restricted to standard cookie cutter theme designs, you can now get the equivalent of a high priced coded site in a fraction of the time at a reasonable price. You will get unique customized pages, with unlimited layouts, in less time. The best part is that the site is easy enough to use that adding content is easy even for a novice website owner!

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Web Design​

High-quality WordPress site that Includes a beautifully designed, mobile responsive website planned and built by our experts. We also create SEO optimized content for your static pages.


SEO simply entails finding your clients sweet spot and then making sure your message to them is clear enough to hit that sweet spot from every angle. So the key is knowing your target well enough to know their needs and then fulfilling those needs.

Content Marketing​

Content creation is also available for those who are starting out, or for anyone in need of a revamp of their content to optimize for SEO. Have your customers find you with content that matters to them.

Business Consulting ​​

We evaluate your current website and online strategy and propose content and fine tuning required. We then install relevant additions and changes that will maximize the potential reach of your website.


We spend time researching your market and your competition to see what is relevant and appealing to your chosen potential clients we find the best way to "speak" to them as leads and turn them into clients.


Together we come up with a strategy for the business and the goals for your website. Your target market and a strategy to reach them is the first step to knowing what direction best suits your business goals.

Color & Logo Design​​

We go through proposed color and design choices as well as logo design to make sure there is a consistent brand image to your vision and mission. Having a clear understanding of what each color says about you as a business is important.

Marketing Strategy

Knowing the rules of engagement for each platform as well as the type of content that works. Staying consistent with your brand and mission as well as managing your expectations of each form of marketing.


Knowing if your target market frequently makes purchases from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest is an important part of your free marketing strategy. This is where you will be sharing your content based on the optimal sharing times for each platform.

Social media

We connect your website to your social media accounts for easy sharing of posts and promotions. If you need social media marketing, we have our trusted partners tohelp you with that too!


Have a few eBooks or a course to sell? no problem, we will make that happen with your eCommerce store and course management systems.

Help & Support

As always we are here for you before, during and after our website design process. With our Care & Maintenance plans, you will be covered by the same level of professional service that we are known for.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We create custom website designs that suit your personality and style.

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The best advice we can give is know your market, and where they hang out. What platform is used predominantly by the target audience you are aiming to attract? Once you know this, find out what material appeals to them and be consistent with posting making sure it is highly relevant and valuable to your client base.

Yes and no…. If your potential clients are on every social network then so should you. But… Take your time and find the one they are on the most and master speaking to them there, then when you launch on other platforms they are likely to follow you there too because they already know what value you have to offer.

YES!! One of the best ways to improve your SEO score and to make your social media pages popular is to create consistently relevant and valuable content. Your potential client will get to see that if they are looking for any information on your given area of expertise, that you are quite good at doing that on a regular basis.

There are no guarantees and anyone who say they can put you at the top of google searches is likely telling tall tales. We can promise you that if you follow our advice and make your content not just consistent but valuable you will rise in the ranks but there is no real time frame without knowing how much you will spend on marketing. The key is to show google and your potential clients that the content you have is very helpful and relevant to the keywords and business they are indexing you for.

YES! YES! YES! If you don’t have a target market how can you create content that speaks to them. Many newbies want to target a wide audience thinking that the odds of finding someone to buy what you are selling increase with a wider audience. SO WRONG!

Newbies have to be patient and learn that they cannot compare themselves to anyone else let alone someone who has been at it for many years. Check out your competition and make sure you are not trying to be like them, fill in any gaps that you see them leaving in that market and find your unique way of offering the same products or services. Your clients will be drawn to your way of doing things, they know they can get the same thing elsewhere, they just like the way you sell it.

Yes we do! We offer everything from business consulting and coaching all the way to website care and maintenance and everything in between. We like to keep up with our clients and participate in their journey all the way through. We truly do take on everyone’s journey as our own and feel like their success is our success. So even when the job is done we will check in on our clients to see that  they are still doing well and have kept their dream alive.

It would be great to say that every business we have been a part of has been successful, however, that is not the case. Heck some of our own personal business ideas have been epic fails! But the truth is anyone who has followed our advice and kept up with their business has always had great success. We cannot do it all for our clients as much as we may want to. So unfortunately some have fallen behind on consistency and value in content and have not been as successful as they or we had hoped.

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Laura Holland came to us because she was unsatisfied with her current site design. She had a good following for her blog, but wasn't gaining much ground outside of that. The site also didn't reflect her personal style. We redesigned and revamped the entire site to have a better representation of who she is.

"Amazing, one of the best web designer/editing experiences I’ve ever had. Super happy with my site." Laura Holland
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We designed site for Chris Turner. This project included: •Site Design & Development •Copy-writing (static content and SEO)

"Rosie is absolutely wonderful! She provides value above and beyond and in a timely manner. Rosie communicated at every step of the way and made sure everything meet my specifications. Working with her was an absolute joy!" Chris Turner
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Would you like to start a project with us?

We create custom website designs that suit your personality and style.

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At Omino Web Design, we have outstanding web designers, content creators and business coaches at your disposal. Our team will plan, design and execute your website and content with great precision. Come find out why we have such loyal customers, who not only use our website care services, but do not hesitate to refer clients to us on a regular basis. We look forward to having you join the Omino Web Design Family!

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