3 Top Reasons Why People Join Your Email List

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3 Main Reasons Why People Join Your Email List

Your online businesses will thrive when you get people to join your email list. Email addresses are the holy grail of online marketing. Once you have convinced someone that they should give you their email address, they are far more likely to buy something from you than a one-time visitor.

Unfortunately, thanks to some unscrupulous practices, visitors today are less likely to hand out their email address by joining your email list. We all get inundated with far too many emails and really don’t want to sign up for another flood of emails. So to get visitors to give up their information, you have to give away some really valuable stuff.

So how do you get someone to trust you enough to give you their email? They need to know these three essential things.

What’s in it for me?

This is the most important question of all: “What’s in it for me, when I join your email list?”

If the incentive to give me your email address was something as good as a 50% increase in website sales, and you were an online eCommerce vendor who was struggling to get sales, this would be a rather good incentive. Even someone getting 100 emails a day, with good website sales, may still want to join your email list to increase their sales by 50% .

On the other hand, if I offer free Twitter marketing classes and you have no interest in learning how to network on Twitter, this will not move you to sign up. Knowing your audience is key, if they’re not interested in Twitter: they’re not going to sign up.

The trick to using this marketing technique effectively is creating an irresistible offer. Make sure they know that signing up gets them something extremely valuable that will change their life/business/career, immediately. The more valuable you can make this offer, the better.

What Makes You An Expert?

With all the self-proclaimed experts and guru’s out there, it is no wonder that you can no longer just claim it, but you require proof. This is something that should excite a real expert in any given niche. When you are knowledgeable in your niche, helping others, by sharing your knowledge is why you are doing this. Do this consistently and people will join your email list naturally and because they’ve learned to trust you over time.

The question really comes down to this, Why should anyone believe that you know what you’re talking about? What sets you apart from others in your industry; and why your list rather than someone else’s? Consistent high-quality content will be rewarded by visits and email sign ups.

To overcome objections, share your personality and any client results. What past life/work/business experiences/qualifications make you exceptionally qualified?  Is there any part of your past that would impress your potential customers? Don’t be shy, showcase what you have done even unrelated accomplishments are part of the experience you bring to the table.

What Will You Do with My Email?

This is usually the big one, we have all joined an  email list and then experienced spamming emails, and they suck. It is a difficult situation for honest businesses trying to get their message out.

Everyone is rightfully concerned, once you have their email, what will you do with it? Will you sell it to spam lists and other marketers? Will you bombard their email daily with sales offers? Or will you give them high-value content, once or twice a week?

When it comes down to it, users just want to know that they’re going to have a positive experience as a result of being on your list. They will get content that they need and not too many emails that they can’t get to them.

You don’t need to give a complete breakdown of your scheduled emails. However, many marketers have found that just one- or two-lines telling users they won’t be spammed and that they’ll only be emailed content once a week actually increases conversion significantly. Knowing what to expect and then getting exactly that will build your credibility.

These are the three things users need to know before they’ll feel comfortable giving you their email address. Address all three issues efficiently and watch your opt-ins soar. People are looking for useful information all the time, they just need to know that you will be one of the sources of it and not the junk emailer.