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Create Videos or Audio Using Public Domain Content

Many people using public domain information look for the fastest way possible to
profit, and that usually means selling the original public domain product ‘as
is’, making no changes at all, and generally they end up sharing the market for
information products with other lazy marketers.

There is an easier way. Let me show you how this easier and much more profitable way works for anyone keen on creating video and audio files while also creating unique products and having little or no competition.

For audio files this might simply involve getting someone with a good clear speaking voice to read the entire text which you record into single or multiple audio files. Single files are great sellers if they cover an entire topic completely. Multiple audio files from a specific topic are even better when sold as a bundle and are even hotter sellers.

And the more you do to add content to your single or multiple audio files and bundles the less competition there will be for your products.

To be really different, instead of recording your multiple audio series from just one public domain original item, record them from a wide range of public domain items, usually based on one theme or niche topic, but not necessarily.

Public Domain Content Ideas

Get a selection of books about any topic. For this example I will use Magic. Find books on Victorian magic tricks. Take trick types, such as card tricks, slight of hand, levitation, from across a broad range of public domain books. Create a video for each trick type, sell videos separately or as a pack. They can be showing someone teaching a selection of tricks of one main type per video. At the end of each video talk about other trick types available on other videos and tell viewers how to order those other products.

Take a specific author, well known or unknown, (but a good writer all the
same), and have someone record their stories, articles or books to audio files. One of the best things about writers whose work is now in the public domain is that many were largely unknown during their lifetime. These books or articles may have been published in low circulation magazines and newspapers. 

Publications, say from the 1900s and earlier, are now in the public domain and can easily be picked up for pennies at garage sales, flea markets and auctions. Read a few stories to judge quality and story telling or other forms of writing ability and choose one or two writers to feature on your audio. Again have someone with a clear voice read the stories, articles, books, and offer them singly or in bundle packs.

You will find some wonderful children’s stories from Victorian and earlier writers which are ripe for converting to audio or video and should sell like hot
cakes on eBay and even as downloadable products on your website.

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