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Start A Successful Coaching Business- part 3


Although most coaches and coaching establishments are certified in one form or another, it is not always a pre-requisite for those intending to sell their services as a coach. Neither do many people seeking coaching request your coaching expertise come with a certificate. To be quite honest many of the most famous coaches are not certified, even those who sell coaching certification.

What Do You Need

The coaching business covers a very diverse area of knowledge which keeps it competitive. Staying on top of the competition is more likely to happen by staying up to date on the industry and providing real value to your clients. This is what drives most coaching practices rather than accreditation and certifications.

Most coaching platforms rely on the visibility and market drawing ability that its content creates and also on the positive feedback given from satisfied clients. Word of mouth is by far the best form of marketing rather than paid advertising for most coaches. Mostky because the market is very saturated and not every coach is created equal… This will also create less need to venture into the paid advertising angle because for the coaching business, satisfied customers make the best advertisers.

However, having the relevant certification may give you an added confidence to put yourself out there, as well as given a new unknown client the extra nudge to pay for your services. Certification also helps when your intention is to cater to the more intellectually savvy market that might see this as an additional check box in their search for the ideal coach. Those in this caliber expect to be on the receiving end of information, based on the presenter having the relevant credentials to back up or support the material being presented.

Certification can also be used for advertising purposes where the target audience is enticed to attend the coaching session based on the perceived expertise to be gained by the accredited speaker. When charging high ticket prices, having a certification may justify your prices because of the perceived level of knowledge and experience your potential clients believe you have achieved to get those credentials.

When it comes to getting the relevant license for your coaching business some places require that you have the proper certification to show the legitimacy of the material and instructions being offered through the coaching experience.

Most endorsing committees will only give their approvals based on the certifications the business entity can produce. In some areas certification will be required to register your business and collect payments as well as taxes. Check your local and state governments for the requirements.

This certification also ensures the general public or would be clients, that all the services being offered by your coaching business are done from acquired training skills from reputable sources. This will also assure the client that the material being used is both legally endorsed by the relevant governing agencies and also by the bodies that monitor such material.

Even your perceived additional knowledge and expertise with the certification, gives you an advantage over your potential competition. However, just being certified does not guarantee you will have clients. It might open a few more doors but without a sound marketing plan or coaching program and system, the certificate will be less relevant and a coach who is not certified, but has a great program and glowing testimonials will get and keep more clients  than a coach with a certificate and no system that is known to work.