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4 Simple SEO Techniques for Beginners

If you are not quite familiar with the processes and tools of SEO or search engine optimization, you may have to rely on different programs and individuals available online. As a beginner, you will find that everything is relatively easy to understand, provided that you have the right background and know your customer, products and services very well. Your website will always benefit more through the heightened visibility and improved search rankings when you work on your SEO techniques.

Boosting Page Ranking

The title is one of the most important parts of your web site, SEO techniques and content. This is the name which you find at the top of the window of the web browser, or Title Bar. The title has to be descriptive but brief and short. It should also contain the targeted keywords that are highly related to your web site. The search engines also present the title in the search engine results. The title should therefore describe the site’s content so that users can be more interested in entering your site time and again.

Keyword Use

The keywords are also important when using SEO techniques. This is one of those things that I see many either overdo or don’t do enough. Both of which you should avoid. The smart use of keywords on your website and posts, can lead to your site ranking high on search engines. However, your credibility and that of your site can suffer if you overuse or over-stuff your posts.

There’s a ton of resources and support online when it comes to the use of keywords, like ALT tags, other areas that greatly influence your sites optimization. These other areas are generally used to help boost the keywords relevance on your website. These should also be relevant to the image or place where you place the link and who you link to.

Most content providers try to stuff keywords when writing content for your website or posts. As a general precaution, you should try to optimize a single page with no more than 3 keywords or key-phrases. You can safely use secondary keywords or terms by using keyword generating tools online.

Start with one or two keywords and avoid overusing them when using them on pages and posts. Tertiary keywords can also be used; these are keywords that are related or similar like synonyms of the main terms. Using alternative keywords help drive other potential visitors that may use different related terms.

Understanding Meta Tags

Meta-tags have two parts namely the description and the keywords. The description should generally be short, but it should also be both descriptive and logical to the reader. Several times, it will be the text that is found under the title during the search. You should aim for the reader to have a minor overview of the page. Include content that will help them understand what they need to expect when viewing the page or site and drive them more into clicking on your web site. The keywords should be the very same ones you used while running SEO research. These should also be used in the page text.

Using Links

The search engine spider can easily locate your site as other sites create web links leading back to your site. These links will be counted as a vote of support. More quality pages on the page link will eventually lead to higher search engine ranking. Submit your link to popular directories and use more links in your signature when joining online discussion boards and forums.

Always have informative and new content on your web page to keep your target market interested and keep linking back to your site. They will also refer other potentially interested individuals to your page over time.

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