6 Effective Strategic Marketing & Copy-writing Tips

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Copy-writing for Effective Strategic Marketing There are various types of media that you can use in promoting your business and the products you sell. You might think otherwise, but viable media alternatives outside of the internet still do exist. These options are still very effective methods of strategic marketing. No matter which type(s) you use–television, […]

Building a Premium Content Business

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Building a Premium Content Business You may have gotten used to thinking that a lot of premium content online can be found for free. But businesses are learning that while offering things for “free” is a fantastic way to drive traffic to their website, it is not always the best money-making idea. In fact they […]

Turn The Public Domain To Cash Using 3 Basic Ways

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The Public Domain is great to create products from so many media categories and category combinations. Sell them as printed books, magazines, photographs, audio recordings, software, eBooks, films, audio tapes, video recordings, sheet music and more. You have the option to sell the products in combinations, like a printed book with CD, eBook with membership […]

What is Creative Commons Regarding Files Online?

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Then What is Creative Commons? Most people believe that it is illegal to download music and video files fromthe Internet, and in most scenarios they are right. Still it can be legal todownload files – all you have to do is to look out for the Creative Commons mark  ‘CC’. Creative Commons, also known as […]