10 Easy Ways To Grow Your Brand on Twitter

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Dramatically Grow Your Twitter Brand Awareness Unless you are a celebrity like Katy Perry or Barack Obama, you are going to have to work hard to grow your brand on Twitter. Rather than making slow-and-steady progress, you need to treat your Twitter account as a priority for a couple of months and create lots of […]

6 Effective Strategic Marketing & Copy-writing Tips

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Copy-writing for Effective Strategic Marketing There are various types of media that you can use in promoting your business and the products you sell. You might think otherwise, but viable media alternatives outside of the internet still do exist. These options are still very effective methods of strategic marketing. No matter which type(s) you use–television, […]

Finding Customers with Strategic Marketing

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Finding Customers in Strategic Marketing In order to create a strategic marketing alliance for finding customers, you first need to determine who your customers are. No one’s business is needed by 100% of the population, so you need to figure out the people that need what you have to offer. If you’ve never thought about […]