4 Ways To help You Position Your Brand

There are many different ways you can position your brand in the market. Each will attract a different kind of clientele. The main question is how do you position your personal brand to attract the ideal kind of clients for you? Here are a few different brand positions to choose from. Once you know the one that fits with your personality and business then you will find the right way to position your brand.

1) Being First or Original

If you can firmly establish yourself as the first or the original in a given topic, niche, or sub-niche, it’ll become harder for other people to come into your market. They’ll just come off as copycats. So they will have to figure out how to make their product or service stand out from you. You will always be the expert and first one to market though and selling your idea to others may be harder for you at first, but you will be the expert.

Coca-Cola for example will always be the leading soda brand, primarily because they were here first. Pepsi is seen as a bit of a coke-copy, for no other reason than because they came on the market second. But second to the market can still catch up and take over the market if you are not maximizing your position.

2) Being the Go-To Expert in a Certain Sub-Niche

When people think of a certain topic, you want them to think of you. The goal is to become the go-to expert in a certain narrow sub-niche. For example, when someone thinks of personal development, they often think of Tony Robbins. When someone thinks of real estate flipping, they often think of Robert Allen (the “no money down” guy.)

These are higher profile examples, but the principle applies even to much smaller markets. It’s much better to be well known in a small sub-niche than obscure in a bigger market. Narrow down your Niche to the point that it is easy to visualize who they are, what they look like, their spending habits, what resonates with them, where do they hang out in social media…and so on.

This can seem scary at first when you think having a wide audience gives you a greater chance of getting a sale. However, that is quite the opposite of how it works. You want to make the audience narrow enough to make your message speak to them on a personal level. Where you know just what to say to them and how to say it, because you understand their needs and have the knowledge and experience to fulfill those needs.

3) Being Personable, Caring about the Client

Another effective way to position your brand is to become known for your top-notch customer service. This can’t just be lip service. Your company needs to go so far out of their way for the benefit of the customer that people are amazed. You want them to spread the word because they had such a great experience, they can’t help but want to tell others.

One prime example is Nordstrom. Their clothing is priced significantly higher than other clothing stores, yet they’re an immensely successful business. Why? Because of their reputation for having very high standards in customer service. If it wasn’t for that, they’d be priced out of the market. Become exceptional, which does not mean giving away your services, it simply means go above and beyond, over-deliver. If you say you will give it to them two weeks try and deliver it in ten days. Be polite, give freebies to frequent customers, or reduced rates. Take the time to show your clients that they are appreciated.

4) Being Interesting to Follow

This last brand works very well for some but won’t work at all for others. Some people’s brand is basically that they’re interesting companies or people to follow. Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines), for example, has a phenomenal brand as someone who’s totally off the wall and just plain interesting for people to follow.

In this case, your brand is either very controversial, very unconventional, or just plain interesting. Again, this style works for a select handful of people, but doesn’t work at all for many. I’ll tell you right now, I have not been very good at this last version of branding. I don’t use social media like Gary V or Richard Branson, I honestly don’t know where they get the time…(I know they have a staff of people)

These are a few different ways you can position your personal brand. As you can tell, there are many different kinds of brands that can succeed. The most important thing is that you pick one style and stick with it. Trying to change your brand midway will just dilute your image. So the important ting is to figure out which one you are. You could even combine two that are similar or complimentary. For example I see my business as both a sub-niche expert (Designing coaching websites)and personable with a great customer service record.

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