9 Ways to Immediately Increase Website Traffic Naturally

Increase website traffic

Table of Contents 9 Ways to Immediately Increase Website Traffic Exploit EmailComment on BlogsGuest PostRe-share Older Posts on Social Media 9 Ways to Immediately Increase Website Traffic While SEO is a legitimate strategy to increase website traffic, it isn’t the only strategy when it comes to content marketing. As more and more people turn to […]

Beginner’s Guide To Public Domain Content

Digitizing Books-Public Domain Content

Public domain content (PDC) includes any documents that can be used by the public for any purpose. You can break down public domain material into four different categories. The first category is general information. This is information that is widely known such as U.S. state capitals or other facts and figures. The second category is […]

Advice for Starting Your Own Business

Advice for Starting Your Own Business

Table of Contents Advice for Starting Your Own BusinessRemember, every “overnight success” takes years to happen.You are Never Too Old to Get help from your community.Ask Yourself the Serious Questions Before Starting Your Own Business.Make a schedule and stick to it.Protect your personal finances. Advice for Starting Your Own Business Maybe you are not sure […]

10 Easy Ways To Grow Your Brand on Twitter

Omino Web Design-Grow Your Brand on Twitter

Table of Contents Dramatically Grow Your Twitter Brand AwarenessSimple Ways To Grow Your Brand on TwitterOptimize Your Twitter BioInteract with Your Industry InfluencersTweet Regularly To Grow Your Brand Awareness on TwitterOffer Discounts to Twitter FollowersIntegrate it With Your Other Marketing EffortsUtilize Your LinkedIn and Email Connections to Grow Your Brand on Twitter Schedule Your TweetsTweet […]

A Formula For Unique Selling Propositions

One Uniqe Umbrella- Unique Selling Propositions

You may have heard of the term, Unique Selling Proposition, or maybe you’ve heard of its acronym, USP. Simply put it is how a person or business uniquely distinguishes themselves from the competition. In your online travels as an internet marketer, blogger or entrepreneur you may have seen the term and wondered what it meant. […]

6 Effective Strategic Marketing & Copy-writing Tips

google searches- Public Domain Content

Table of Contents Copy-writing for Effective Strategic MarketingTelevision Radio Stations Print Forms of Direct Marketing for Strategic MarketingDirect Mail Top Tip Regarding Direct Mail Newspapers & Magazines Direct Marketing Classified Ads Copy-writing for Effective Strategic Marketing There are various types of media that you can use in promoting your business and the products you sell. […]

Finding Customers with Strategic Marketing

Collaborative meeting-finding your customers

Table of Contents Finding Customers in Strategic Marketing Finding Customer Base Create Strategic Relationships to Help With Finding CustomersFinding Customers & Forging Alliances Strategic Marketing Pointers Conclusion on Finding Customers Finding Customers in Strategic Marketing In order to create a strategic marketing alliance for finding customers, you first need to determine who your customers are. […]

Building a Premium Content Business

Premium content on a website

Table of Contents Building a Premium Content BusinessWhat content can you sell on your websites?The following are tips for your premium content business or blog:Selling Information Products on Your Premium Content Business WebsiteDelivery Options Building a Premium Content Business You may have gotten used to thinking that a lot of premium content online can be […]

Turn The Public Domain To Cash Using 3 Basic Ways

bookcase-books-The Public domain

The Public Domain is great to create products from so many media categories and category combinations. Sell them as printed books, magazines, photographs, audio recordings, software, eBooks, films, audio tapes, video recordings, sheet music and more. You have the option to sell the products in combinations, like a printed book with CD, eBook with membership […]